It’s high time you move away from that mainstream gold pendants and shift toward some expensive jewels to adorn your neck. We do not doubt that gold jewelry is good, but a change in typical everyday style can make a massive difference to your overall appearance. And that is why we have come up with three pendant ideas that speak of themselves and your elegance. Read the blog till the end and level up your fashion game.

  1. Pearl Pendants

Let’s begin the change with a pearl pendant. Drop pendants are the definitions of minimalism. Moreover, pearl gives off an aura of elegance and softness. You can opt for a round pearl pendant guarded by small diamonds around it.

You know how extensive pearls can be. You can choose classic white Akoya pearls for your everyday elegant corporate look. Choosing multiple affordable Chinese freshwater pearl pendants over one expensive South Sea pearl pendant would not be a bad idea. You can also choose white, pink, peach, or lavender pearl according to your outfit. 

  1. Diamond Pendants

Diamonds are safe choices for pendants. Nothing can go wrong with your chic personality if you choose a diamond solitaire pendant for your everyday or any simple event look but a heightened elegance. 

You can find different diamond pendant shapes, each giving away a unique vibe. The round is the most popular and classic choice among all Diamond Pendants. You can also look for cushion cuts, Asscher for vintage style, oval, pear for unique elegance, and marquise and emerald cuts to turn the head. You can also gift your special person a diamond pendant to show how much love you have in you for them.

  1. Ruby Pendants

You can go for a ruby pendant if you want something more elegant and expensive than a South Sea pearl or a round diamond pendant. Ruby is one of the rarest and, of course, expensive stones. Ruby pendants are way costlier than any pearl or diamond pieces. 

You can choose a simple ruby solitaire for that everyday rich fashion look. A drop or a square pendant surrounded by diamonds will resonate money in its presence. You can add a drop pearl with multiple ruby stones for your simple yet elite day event. 


In short, pendant necklaces are enough to ace your everyday simple fashion. Choose a sterling silver chain necklace to carry your expensive pendants. You can always choose a platinum chain if you think sterling silver or rose gold won’t do justice to your ruby, diamond, or pearls.